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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 8, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5s all over two big stories tonight. gunfire on a local college campus. students sent running after police say a man began shooting in a classroom. a giant winter weather system moving across our region. some areas have already seen sleet and snow. now freezing rain is a problem for some. and it has our entire region under a flood wch. thanks for joining us, i'm laura evans. >> i'm shawn yancy. we begins with the terrifying situation inside a virginia college classroom. police say jason hamilton fired who shots at a teacher inside a classroom. this is fox 5 exclusive video of hamilton after his arrest. the gunfire forced the community college in woodbridge into lockdown apps police and s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the campus. amazingly no one was hurt. we have team coverage of
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the still developing story. wisdom martin and bob sellers work on this one. we begin with wisdom live on the campus. >> reporter: it's an active crime scene on the campus. the suspect is in custody. after witnesses say he stood up in math class, said he was about to make history and fired a shot at the teacher. just after 2:00 p.m., gunshots rang out on the northern virginia community college campus. >> it was just kind of surreal to me because it's the first time i've been at a school where there was a shooting. >> reporter: it came from a math classroom inside the main building. witnesses say 20-year-old jason hamilton stood up with a weapon and shot at the teacher >>. >> from what i understand, they hit the floor and she had the students evacuate and she was also assisted by another faculty member. >> reporter: at the same time, community college officer anthony miller d just finished a traffic stop when he heard the two gunshots. >> i went around to the area where the sound came from. and when i went around and
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started asking questions i heard a second one coming from the building so that confirmed to me that it was actual gunshots. and people started running out the building. >> reporter: all the students and the teacher got out unharmed. gu but the gunman was still inclassroom 412. center mellis called for backup. the teachers were scrambling, warning students to leave campus now. >> he told us to get out of the building as soon as possible and we all got our stuff, if possible, and made our way out of the building as quickly as possible. >> stuff like virginia tech passes through your mind. obviously on a much smaller scale, but you just worry for the people that are still in the building. trying to comfort your friends that are really upset. >> reporter: pro voft sam hill says they activated the emergency alert system. >> we have a system where we notify all computers and we also have an emergency text messaging system for
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those students who sign up for it. then we also have phones in all of our classrooms and then we have a digital messaging system throughout the campus. >> it worked just like you -- >> all those systems were activated and worked. >> reporter: students were stunned because they say they had no idea what was happening or if it was real. >> i was honestly scared. i go to classes here. to think that could happen and some one would just do that it blows your mind. >> reporter: when police got to classroom 412, hamilton was sitting in the hallway with his weapon. >> he told us there was no one else there with him and confirmed to us he was the person who fired the shots. we took him into custody. >> reporter: hamilton was arrested without incident. no one was hurt in this shooting. but the situation could have been a lot worse. the suspect is charged with attempted murder and discharging a weapon on campus. the classes will be closed at least until tomorrow at noon.
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>> wisdom martin live in woodbridge. we are learning more about the man accused of pulling the trigger, 20-year-old jason hamilton. bob barr -- barnard is in front of the suspect's home. >> reporter: his parents and younger sister were busy with police. including to police the hamiltons are as puzzled and troubled with what happened today as anybody else. >> his name is jason hamilton, 20 years old, in police custody. charged with attempted murder, seen here on his way to jail. >> jason, what's going on? jason, why did you do what they say you did today? >> reporter: hamilton remained silent as he was taken by police cruiser from the police station in woodbridge to the prince william county jail in manassas. as his home on bain berry circle police are speaking with his parents and it appears searching for evidence. it's a three-story brick
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house in a 4-year-old subdivision. the hamilton's home among many others decorated for the holidays. we spoke to a neighbor, jennifer edwards. >> i was supposed to be in school tonight. i just got a call from my mom saying something went down and i probably wouldn't have class tonight. then i didn't know anything else about it until the neighbor came up and said that it was one of our neighbors. and i don't know what to think. >> reporter: miss edwards says jason is the oldest of three hamilton children, drives a pickup, worked for the county last summer and lives in the basement of his parents' house. >> a neighbor said if i hear about what happened at nova. she said it is the neighbor two doors down and that they are devastated and they don't know why he did it. >> reporter: the police say jason hamilton brought a rifle to the woodbridge campus of northern virginia community college, fired shots, tried to shoot a teacher, was captured by
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police, sent chills across the campus, disrupting many lives. and for what? at least in our presence, the young subject was not saying. after the police left the hamiltons turned out the lights in their home. their lives taking a dark turn as well. >> many questions left unanswered. hamilton's next court date is set for january 11th. we are on storm watch tonight with an eye on the wet and cold weather outside. you're looking at sleet and freezing rain that was falling earlier tonight. because of all this, you should brace yourself for possibly rough morning commute, indeed a wet one. sue palka is in the weather center tracking the storm. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: you know what happens a lot? people are outside and it begins to sleet and a lot of people confuse that with freezing rain. if you heard that outside your house or heard a
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ticking sound that was most likely sleet. even in bob barnard's shot i could see there was sleet in there. in a few spots it is still snowing and causing problems. we are getting calls from the frederick maryland avenue and higher elevation. just enough on grassy surfaces to cause problems. in the front royal area and farther north we're getting calls from folks out there, including lori hartnett who is at the northern tip of virginia. the pink is a little bit of sleet and snow. and all snow into hagerstown and frederick and a small accumulation possible for a few more hours although everybody is going to go over to rain. i want you to see something as we click on temperatures around the region. we're between 36 degrees and 38 degrees. then you go along the terstate 81 corridor and
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it's 32 degrees. this is where we're worried about freezing in. it will turn over to rain but it will be cold enough in spots where it will freeze on contact and that's freezing rain. max hd true view shows you the wider picture. there are many hours of heavy rain to go. still winter storm warnings out to the far west. i want you to see how hunl this storm is. luckily it's moving rapidly. before it's done an inch or two of rain is possible. where is there a concern for freezing rain? right along the potomac highlands, allegheny area, through the central shenandoah valley and grayish areas, you could get a intersection of snow and freezing rain before it all changes over to rain and the flood watch will go until tomorrow morning. when do we get it out of here and just how much is going to fall in some areas? whose got the problems to watch out for? we'll keep an eye on all that and have details in the full weather forecast including continuing to check our calls and radar tonight. >> thanks very much. the fierce winter storm
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dropped lots of snow out west. thousands are without power right now in california and arizona. traffic here at a standstill in some places. some drivers forced off the road. in iowa, highway signs are warning drivers the winter weather will last for at least another day. from the great plains to great lakes nerve seeing major travel delays on the ground and in air. back at home new developments in the case of the white house party crashers, michaele and salahi say if lawmakers subpoena them to testify on capitol hill they will invoke their fifth amendment rights and refuse to answer questions, according to a letter the salahis lawyer sent to the house homeland security committee. lawmakers want to know how the couple got into a white house state dinner last month without an invitation. details on a bizarre confrontation at the salahi home that led to criminal charges. hundreds of people are
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remembering aib poland at the verizon center. the wizards owner died november 24th. politicians, athletes, friends, strangers held a public memorial to honor his legally. dave feldman joins us with the latest. >> reporter: about 12 days ago they had a funeral which was very sad. today was more of a celebration. reliving some of the great moments in dave poland's life. he was asked why he made business decisions even when advised they were not in his best interest financially. he said he didn't want to be the richest man in the cemetery, sorry, mr. pollin, you might be the richest guy there. the players, former players, a hall of famer, commissioner and hundreds of fans came to pair pay their respects.
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>> i came here because i thought it was important to pay homage who gave so much to the city. >> i knew abe from years and years and did a lot of walks for different charities and he was very generous as far as contributing for my marathons. >> reporter: abe's number one fan and it was mutual was former washington player and general manager wes unsell. the two one a championship together in 1978 and built a lifetime friendship >> there are a few guys i guess that come along in the midst of everybody's lifetime that are special. what makes them spial, i'm not smart enough to figure that out, but they are. >> reporter: nba commissioner david stern came from new york to pay his respects. he had known abe pollin for 40 years, not just in business but as a good friend. >> my mom was stuck in rush a once, visiting. she broke her vertebrae, and she, you know, i didn't know who to call.
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i called abe. next thing i knew he was on the phone with the pentagon, senate, we'll get somebody over there. afb was the best. >> reporter: former bullet and nba great earl monroe asked to peek at the ceremony, as did current captain antawn jamison. >> when you hear of mr. pollin you think of an owner. to me i think of a friend, somebody who believed in me. he believed that i was a certain player, a certain person, but i didn't even know i had it in myself. >> reporter: the family is asking that donations be made to in mr. pollin's honor to abe's table. that's his favorite charity. find out how on at web links. irene pollin his wife was not there. she has a cold. her son red a at statement thanking everyone. she wasn't up to it. i understand there is big
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news coming out of redskins park tonight. >> clinton portis whow thought would shut it down for the season is shutting it down for the season. placed on i r. he's done and the skins have a new kicker. graham ganeau. in a reflted story, shawn swissom missed one during the lo to the saints. he was cut today. made 81 of 101 field goal attempts. one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet but it's a business and he missed it and he's gone. more on that tonight at 11:00. >> always something new with the redskins. >> thank you feldy. new tonight we are learning more about a horrific crime and its aftermath. a maryland woman accused of kidnapping a pregnant woman and trying to steal her born child. up next find out the disturbing story and how it's let to a giant effort to help the miracle baby. the trouble for tiger woods just keeps
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continuing. one of his family members is rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. we'll explain to you what happened next: (dial-up modem)
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trouble on the beltway this morning after a car caught fire in the middle of rush hour. it happened on the outer loop near new hampshire area around 6:45. you can see traffic continue to slowly pass the jeep engulfed in flames until emergency crews arrived and closed the road. the fire began when he turned on his heat. no one was hurt. the latest in an unbelievable crime. a pregnant woman held hostage for days, her stomach cut open in a baby snatching plot. court documents indicate veronica daramus used her developmentally disabled teenage son to tie up the victim before the attack.
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many are coming to the rescue of the homeless woman and her baby, miracle sky. roby chavez happens the story. >> reporter: it has inspired many people. calls started pouring in. the county set up a special fund for the 29-year-old survivor and her baby. many are hoping to make life better for the baby and her mother after a life threatening birth. 40-year-old veronica daramus will face a maryland judge after doing the unthinkable. trying to cut a baby from another woman's body. >> the victim was sliced so it appeared that she was actually trying to remove the baby from the victim. >> reporter: the 29-year-old victim survived and is far away from the apartment where the horrific ordeal happened. help for the homeless woman who was slashed and baby her kel who was delivered by emergency c-section is pouring in. >> the calls started coming before we even got to work, offering rental assistance, diapers, car
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seats, clothing, formula. formula has been popular. the prince georges department of health services on bright seed road is the drop-off point for moy and donations. they've already received over 50 calls. >> we want her to know that the community cares. the community is speaking with every call we receive and that we're here to assist her. >> reporter: police say daramus allegedly promised to give the pregnant woman baby clothes but police say she really wanted to hold her hostage and steal her baby by slashing her stomach. little miracle and her mom are being offered real help. >> i would tell her to look forward and know that there are people standing around her, side her, to help uplift her and move her forward. >> reporter: indeed a lot of people. the most encouraging news is the two may no longer be homeless. two people offered to pay rent for the two. another person has offered a house, laura. >> what a story, roby, thank you very much. we have put information about donating on
10:20 pm look under web links. the troubles just keep coming for tiger woods and his family. woods' mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital around 2:30 this morning after an ambulance was called to the golfer's home. 57-year-old barbro holmberg was complaining of symptom hack pains. a black is accumulated driven by someone who looks like woods' wife elin was following the ambulance to the hospital. she was released this afternoon. we're a now issing that barbro holmgren has been released from the hospital in good condition and is at her home, tiger's home resting and is recovering nicely. >> the hospital didn't release any other details. elin's twin sister is already reportedly staying at the woods' home. it's been nearly two weeks since tiger crashed his suv following allegations of cheating. more troubles r the northern virginia couple accused of crashing a white house state dinner. a bizarre confrontation between the salahis and tow
10:21 pm
truck driver who showed up to repossess his car. that confrontation led to criminal charges. claudia coffey has that story. >> reporter: during the salahis big court appearance in district court last week, while they refused to answer questions... >> are you satisfied with the way things worked out. >> reporter: their car was ticketed for having an expired inspection sticker. this very car was at the center of controversy last year resulting in tareq getting charged with petty larceny of $200. according to a warren county sheriff's office police report and criminal complaint the salahis are more than $5500 mined on car payments so a tow truck driver was sent to repo the car. according to statements made to sheriff's dputies the driver was met by the couple in the driveway. when the driver told the salahis overs there to repossess the car, tareq
10:22 pm
told michaele to go in the car and get the gun. he then grabbed the keys to the tow truck and ran into the house and closed the garage door. according to a 911 call placed by michaele she told the dispatcher a male subject outside assaulted her husband. according to the sheriff's department repor when deputies responded, ter he can said the tow truck driver assaulted his wife and should be arrested. the report states that tareq called the loan company while the deposits were there and made a payment by phone allowing him to keep the audi. the final exchanges goes like this. he doesn't appreciate tareq not telling deputies the truth to which mr. salahi asked the officer are you calling me a liar? the deputy responds i guess i am. claudia coffey, fox 5 news. . >> tareq was charged with petty larceny. the charges will be
10:23 pm
dismissed if tareq salahi remains on good behavior between now and april. guns and bomb making material found in a local man's home and we've learned he wanted to kill president obama. details onthe stunning plans the federal prosecutors uncovered. later a guy arrested for throwing tomatoes at sarah palin. she wasn't hit but someone else was hit. fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on right after this.  unthink value with the kfc 12-piece holiday feast. get great-tasting original recipe... mixed with kentucky grilled chicken... plus a large cole slaw, two large mashed potatoes, and 6 biscuits, all for just $19.99. unthink. and taste the unbeatable side of kfc.
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starting new information in the case of a bethesda man who pleaded guilty to possessing bomb making materials. >> prosecutors say 20-year-old collin mackenzie gudi wanted to kill president obama. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: collin mackenzie gudi attended private school and lived in an affluent neighborhood. federal prosecutors say he also wanted to kill barack obama. >> there was no intent to hurt anybody. >> reporter: prosecutors tell a different story in the summer of 2008 authorities
10:27 pm
found guns and chemicals that could be used to make bombs in the bethesda home where mackenzie gudi lived with his parents. this past september he pleadeduilty in federal court to possessing bomb making chemicals. as prosecutors file for his sentencing they have filed a new court endowment. they right mackenzie gude i hated president obama's political views, especially gun control. he planned to kill president obama by using a long range rifle. he drove i-270 planning a way to disrupt president obama's travels. he purchased copper plates to make an explosive device that could penetrate an armored vehicle. at least some of the information that prosecutors have come from his friend, patrick yevkukov.
10:28 pm
>> his lawyer says that he distanced him sent from mackenzie gude before gude was arrested >> he became comfortable with collin mackenzie gude. >> reporter: gude is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in january. >> prosecutors want mackenzie gude no serve eight years. we tried repeatedly to reach his lawyer to get a comment on the alleged obama threat. patrick yevkukov is living with his mom and also awaiting sentencing, beth parker, fox 5 news. president obama announces a new plan to fix the financial mess. his ideas to get more americans back to work. check out this video. a car burst into flames at a gas station. tonight we're told it's what the driver did that sparked this fire. we'll be back.
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you're watching fox news at 10:00. another deadly day in
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iraq. the worst violence in baghdad in more than a month. 127 people killed, hundreds more than hurt. five coordinate nighted bombs were set off. three were car bombs that burst into flames, sendng debris all over the streets. irrelevant sun gents can still strike high profile government buildings. it comes the same day iraqi parliament announced e learningses for next march. in afghanistan, president car size announced it will be several years before iraqi troops can take over the fight. he made the announcement during a surprise visit from defense secretary robert gates. >> for a number of years, maybe for another 15 to 20 years, afghanistan will not be able to sustain a force of that nature and capability with its own resources. >> reporter: meantime on capitol hill the top war general defended the
10:33 pm
nation's strategy. daniel mccrystal still expects to pull troops out by 2011. president obama announcing a new plan to fix the financial mess. the president has come up with a jobs pn to get more americans back to work. it's a three-step plan which includes extending tax cuts to small businesses, investing in roads and bridges and providing rebounds for consumers who become energy efficient. he said tarp money reserved for bank will pay for the plan. >> the assistance to banks once thought to cost taxpayers untold billions is on track to reap billions in profits for the paying public. so this gives us a chance to pay down the deficit faster than we thought possible. and to shift funds that would have gone to help the banks on wall street to help create jobs on main street. >> reporter: some republicans are calling it another stimulus program claiming it will increase the deficit. do you want to decrease debt and save money in the
10:34 pm
process? experts say there is a simple way to save that involves the whole family and only takes $5 to get started. fox's mark explains. >> reporter: he have been has their own way of saving. >> ery quarter i find out ground in the house i put in my pink pig. >> i dump it in the jar. >> in our rooms and kipdz' rooms as well >> reporter: if pocket change isn't adding up you may want to think bigger and start pocketing those fives. the idea in or out plan not a new one. i heard about it and figured i would try to latch on to my lynn cons as well. this savings plan worked best if you use cash on a regular basis. >> who has cash these days? >> cash is king, isn't it? >> credit gets it to you now instead of saving for it. >> cash, cold, that's what i need. >> but saving is the idea. >> reporter: if you're constantly handing over the debit card chances are
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you won't see the results. the plan will often test your will and make you deal with your money honestly. >> you know if you get change back and have a $5 bill in your hand and you're thinking of going out for a cup of coffee, say to yourself, okay, is the coffee worth not putting this away like i planned to do? >> reporter: this is how i do it. when i get a 5 i don't put it in my wallet. it immediately gets folded in half and placed in your pocket. when you get home drop it in an nfl in your bureau, desk, what have your safe spot is. for some that may have been the bank. >> maybe every three or four months i'm going to take that money and then deposit it in a bank account that is not easily accessible. so no atm card attached to it. often you'll find yourself with more money thn you thought you would have. >> for me there are only a few exceptions when i was desperate and had to part with a 5 or two.
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>> why do i have a 20? because i got kids and they need lunch money. sometimes the 5 has to be parted with in the course of a month. what i always did was i made sure i put the money back. you got to be honest. i find the hardest thing to deal with was getting the 5s back in my change. it's as if they gload when they landed in my hand. happy to save them but a little bumped. less cash to spend. i went to the post office to buy a book of stamps. i used my debit card. it offered me cash back. i asked for $40. i got in return a 10, and six 5s. ouch. no pain, no gain. and before long i was getting excited about my growing stash of cash. >> february, march, april, may. >> reporter: some months were better than others. >> 100, woo-hoo.
10:37 pm
100 bucks. very nice. >> reporter: by october, it had been a year. >> now it's time to do the fun math and add this up. >> 60 plus 80 plus 100 plus 60. drum roll, please. $940. nice. >> reporter: i was impressed. others were too. >> that's a good plan. i might steal that. >> having a little extra on hand can never hurt. >> you got to put a little bit away for the rainy day. i don't care how you do it. having extra cash around the holidays helps too. caught on camera a dangerous fire at a gas station. take a look at this. the car burst into flames all because of something the driver did. we'll explain next.
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drama at sarah palin's book signing. a man is accused of throwing tomatoes at sarah palin. jeremy olsen lobbed two tomatoes but his aim was off. >> he was some distance away when he threw the tomatoes and his throw was off the mark mash 10 feet to the left. it wasn't close to her. it did, however, one of the two tomatoes did strike one of our police officers squarely in the face, actually. >> olsen was charged with fourth degree assault and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct. caught on camera take a look at this. multi-tasking nearly killed a kentucky man at the gas pump. an explosive surveillance video. a guy filling up his tank when it catches fire.
10:42 pm
he runs away just in time. the gas station attendant says the whole thing could have been avoided. the driver left his car running while he was filling up. he was getting in and out of his car as he was chatting on his cell phone. a gas station employee says that's when the car caught fire because of all the static electricity. >> don't leaveyour car running when you get out of it and start pumping gas. turn it off. static electricity when you get in and out of your car, get thing in and out, can spark a fire. >> the fire caused more than $20,000 in damage at that gas station. coming you next a 12-year-old girl came up with an idea that's so delicious it's now featured at a local restaurant. her story is coming up. plus if you need to replace your car's tires before winter kicks in to high gear there are a few things you should know so you don't get ripped off. sue is tracking the storm. >> reporter: i'm glad i changed my tires recently and i've got news for you. the winter weather advisory got expanded in
10:43 pm
the last few minutes and does include lowden county, montgomery and howard as well as frederick because we're getting a small accumulation of snow. will it cause a problem for the morning? find out next. i'm major jennifer glau in kirkistan this goes out to my brother frank storm in washington dc. merry christmas, happy new year. here you go. have a great day. thanks. come into dunkin' donuts for the perfect holiday gift -- a full pound of america's favorite coffee.
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i think we would all agree when bad weather hits drivers appreciate good tires but be prepared for sticker shock. all the major tire companies have announced price hikes. what in the world is going on and what can you do about it? melanie alnwick is here to explain. >> reporter: there is a couple of factors converging right now. lower priced chinese tires are being hit with a 35%
10:47 pm
import tax. u.s. tire manufacturers are raising taxes in part because of higher material costs and to keep a price separation between the chinese tires and premium brands. then there was the cosmetic factor. more cars are coming with oveized wheels which means more expensive tires. now more than ever, education is the key to not feeling ripped off. we'll all be in the market for new tires at some point, so be prepared for sticker shock. next time you go shopping. >> people are used to tires that used to be 50 to 100 dollars. now some of the tires will be 2, $300 a piece. >> reporter: tires have become specialized in the last few years. >> the technology in today's a tires is like cars in general has advanced over the years. and from a haning perspective, a ride in comfort perspective and wear perspective in some cases. >> reporter: the tire on the left is from a mid-19 #0's chrysler minivan. this is the tire for a 2009 model
10:48 pm
>> the sidewall has much less give. it handles a whole lot better. it will turn better and brake better. this is a $60 tire where this is a 150, $160 tire. >> another trensd oversized wheels. this 2,9 ka mayor o'has 20 inch wheels and a slim tire profile. compare that to a 196 porsche with 7 inch wheels which used to be unusual. >> usc find the same diameter wheels on a caravan these days. >> reporter: that means expensive replacement costs for most drivers. >> it pays to shop around. you can find good dea expensive tires. >> reporter: for a 2008 honda accord there are ranges from 120 to 250 per tire. curry's auto service says asking the right questions will help you decide. >> how long are you going to keep the car? how often do you drive? do you drive in rain, sleet and snow? try to find the best bang for the buck for you. >> reporter: traction is most
10:49 pm
important. consumers planning to drive for a while should opt for longer tread wear. find a shop that can install high-tech tires properly. tires are the only thing between your car and the road so it's an important decision for your health and your wealth. you can save some money by buying your tires on line but you'll also need to factor in the cost of shipping and installation. all tire sold in the united states must meet government safety standards. for your fox 5 money report i'm melanie alnwick. we're going no need to be prepared for some morning roughness on the roads. it's going to be wet. >> that's absolutely right. people have been calling in and looking out the window. it's snowing. it's sleeting. it's back to snow. that's what's been going on all night long. by morning it will be rain for everybody. >> we're not talking about freezing rain in the immediate d.c. area. >> that's very important to note that the freezing rain has always been a concern for the shenandoah valley and that's where it stays.
10:50 pm
we have had a good burst of snow and sleet and in the district it's now rain but it has gone back and forth several times. we had a lot of calls from folks in frederick, maryland as well as in front royal and winchester area where there had been a half inch to an inch accumulation and a lot of people were finding it difficult to navigate the roadways. we had some spin outs. let's look at radar first and foremost to see what is happening. it's mostly rain in the district. i just checked a few minutes ago a. it has been interesting to watch this go back and forth. we've got sleet mixing in where you see the pink areas. you get up towards frederick and hagerstown and into winchester it has been snow and maybe an inch or two could accumulate in some of the hears but even you will see this all rain by morning so it's a few more hours of this before this very warm air that's just down to our south is going to come blasting on inal and change it over. because we are having problems out there now, the winter weather advisory did just get
10:51 pm
expanded a few minutes ago. yesterday we were in a winter storm watch. today it was cancelled and the focus has always been out to our west. lowden, montgomery, howard, frederick, and even up toward baltimore, northern portions of the county have been issued a winter weather advisory until 7:00 a.m. because of that small accumulation of snow and sleet we're getting now. the bigger problems will be out to our west. in the gray we have a winter starm warning for a combination of snow, sleet and accumulate is ice. a quarter inch possible. you may see that in the shenandoah valley because out there it is coer and the cold air is trapped. the rest of us will go to rain. in the valley and mountains there will be a bigger concern. this rain is going to be copious. a flood watch is posted which does not mean flooding is occurring, but could begin overnight which would be changed to a flood warning. d.c. is 38 degrees but the dew point is coming up.
10:52 pm
it's up 2033. it was 30 a few hours ago. gaithersburg is 34. frederick is 34. that's whwe're seeing some areas get accumulation. martinsburg and winchester cold enough that the snow is accumulating but the old air isn't going to go. when it gets warm enough aloft and comes down apps rain that's why we're concerned you're going to have the freezing rain problem. a quarter inch may build up before it changes over to all rain. check out the real cold blast coming for the end of the week. 2 degrees below zero in denver. 8 below in casper and 18 degrees below zero in great falls. a blizzard in northern plains and midwest. chicago on the edge of t you can see all the bad weather we are getting. here's where we think the problem areas are going to be far north and west. if there are any problem in the morning with delays it would be in the shenandoah valley and highlands. you can see where it's analyzing the mix. very heavy rain possible by
10:53 pm
8:00 in the morning. we might have a shower or two around tomorrow afternoon but the bulk of the heavy rain will be overnight and first part of the morning. here's the five-day forecast. it's going to be 56 degrees early in the morning. temperatures will stay steady or rise as we go through the night. very weird situation. the colder air gets in for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday and we may have another coastal storm to watch late saturday d sunday and that would be all snow. we would prefer snow to the freezing rain and sleet scenarios. it's active early this year, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> hold onto your voice. >> they were calling me kathleen turner in the control room. the capitol christmas tree shining brightly. house speaker nancy pelosi lit the tree town the marine corpse band and congressional core you ares performed during the festivities. it came from arizona decorated with 6,000 ornaments made by kids from that state. you can get into the
10:54 pm
holiday spirit this friday at our stuff the truck food drive. we will be at four area giant food stores collecting non-perishable food items and money for the capital area food bank. for a list of locations and what is needed most go to a 12-year-old virginia girl came up with a pancake creation that's so good it is being featured at a woodbridge i-hop restaurant. katie brown noticed something was missing. hot koko cakes. katie lynn told the server about the idea and he whipped up some. they were so good the owner agreed to run them as a special. >> it's not something that happens every day and it was a surprise for me. i felt i was blessed being able to have this chance. >> reporter: katie lynn's hot cocoa hot cake runs through friday in woodbridge. >> i'm going. we are work hard for you tonight on the "news edge". the alleged white house party crashers a accused
10:55 pm
of burning yet another bridge. don't miss the american idol a lump fuming at the salahis town we are staying on top of the shots fired at a local college camp punishments more on the suspected gunman coming up at 11:00.  us. [tab] 1 more on the suspected gunman coming up at 11:00.
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there is new hope for people battling cancer. there may be a huge break through to finding a cure for cancer. he's working on a way to diagnose the disease by a single prince william county of your finger. >> you're going to be told no so many times but once in a while you'll find somebody who says yes. >> reporter: when raj kurzman started grad school he wanted somebody to believe in him. >> when i came to school i can't today cure cancer. >> reporter: that's what he told his professor
10:59 pm
dr. michael heller on the first day of school. five years later. >> he's coming pretty close to maybe getting his wish here. >> this teacher student duo are on the verge of what they call a medical break through. kricht crist man saves the key to the cure is not a magic pill. it'ser live detection. most cancers are 90% curable if detected early. early detection may be possible with a simple prince william county to your finger. >> prince william county your finger, take the blood. >> after your blood is drawn a computer will an lines your sample and within 15 minutes you'll find out if you have cancer. the type of cancer you have. >> we've spent many late nights together running blood samples here. until 12:00, 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the test is in preclinical trial phases and the fda still has to approve it. >> early detection removes over like 55% of your costs. most of the costs are in


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